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Dive into the new era of analytics

Our services


Quantiris is a consulting and training firm in the following areas:

  • Business analysis

  • Data analysis

  • Big data

  • Data science

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Actuarial science

  • Financial quantitative analysis

  • Digitalization and automation

  • Palantir, Skywise, AWS, Google machine learning

But it is also a publisher of software, algorithms and statistical studies

Automation and digitalization

Quantiris supports you totally or partially in your digitalization and automation process

Robotic process automation RPA

We analyze your processes to automate them as much as possible. This translates into time savings and considerable added value creation.

Data Creation

To use data, you must first have it available. We support you in this data creation process.

  • Digitization of your paper or scanned documents

  • Recovery of data from RPA robots (when a process is automated it is possible to recover activity data)

  • Migrating your databases to more recent tools

  • Consulting in SAP, and SAS

Our industries

We come from distant horizons, this difference gives us strength.

Image by Craig Whitehead

Actuarial science

Actuarial science.

  • Life insurance, property and casualty

  • Credibility Analysis

  • Calculation of the actuarial reserve

  • Modeling and reassurance

  • Pricing


Bank and finance
Quantitative analysis

  • R&D

  • Calculation of market risk monitoring and analysis indicators (VaR, Stress Tests, Greek, various sensitivities, P&L attribution).

  • Modeling of financial products and calibration of related models (valuation models, overhaul of pricing libraries).

  • Support in regulatory projects (FRTB, xVA, TRIM).

  • (Calculation of LCR and NSFR ratios, collateral management, rate/liquidity risk indicators)

  • Risk modeling

Military plane

Aeronautics and industry

Our long collaboration with Airbus has allowed us to understand the environment, regulations and needs of the aeronautics sector.

Manipulating telematics data allows us to advance data science for aeronautics.

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